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Portugal is famous not only for stunning beach resorts and vibrant culture but also for its seductive ladies. Many foreign guys are keen on their inner energy and beauty. To start dating a Portuguese girl, you have to find a common ground and values. Are you sure such a partner is ideal for you? Fiery Portuguese ladies are open-minded, easy-going, and devoted. Would you like to discover more about special traits making them so desirable? Keep reading.

Traits making Portuguese mail order brides charming

Enviable look

Ladies from Portugal put a spell on foreign men with striking appearance. The majority of them have fit figures and angelic facial traits. They`re tall and feminine. Probably your girlfriend has long legs, a tiny waist, and sexy breasts. Her hair is curly and long. Many local babies have dark eyes that look incredibly mysterious. Coming to Portugal, you can notice ladies with any skin tone. There are lots of girls with sun-kissed and pale skin, different eyes, and hair colors. Every foreigner can find an ideal partner to his taste here.

Love for adventures

Portuguese women you meet online attract men with their passion for exploring the world and getting new impressions. With such a bride, you can come out from your comfort zone and get an amazing traveling experience. Visiting your bride, don`t forget to visit Algarve located in the southern part of her country. Perhaps she`ll show you tranquil landscapes of olive groves, traditional whitewashed villages, and windswept coast with its dramatic cliffs dotted with summer resorts. Come with your beauty to a romantic Sintra, which impresses with its verdant hills, old castles, and pretty villas. Portuguese girls love adventures as they make lives brighter.

Inspiring lifestyle

These women are very active. They appreciate board games, singing, cooking, and participating in outdoor activities. Surfing is one of the most favorite ones. Go with your soulmate to the Sagres, the south-western point in Europe. Amazing Cabo Sao Vicente fortress amazes everyone! This tiny village is an ideal place for surf-addicts. Being situated close to the best surf spots in Algarve, it`s a perfect option not only for advanced surfers but also for beginners. Probably your girlfriend has already been there. Enjoy some of the most stunning landscapes of Portugal with its end-of-the-world feel and sea-carved cliffs. A Portuguese bride is the best partner for that.

Closeness to a family

Choosing a woman from Portugal for marriage, you`ll have many family customs, making your home atmosphere cozy and friendly. People in this country like gathering on Sundays for family dinners. They celebrate the winter holidays together. Be sure your future kids will be surrounded by grandparents` love and attention. If you appreciate being a part of a big family, get ready to connect with all her relatives.

What you should know about Portuguese brides

Eating is a whole ceremony

Portuguese women don`t take meals just as a necessity. Their lunch can take around an hour on working days and from 2 to 3 hours on weekends. Even when those ladies prepare a simple dish, they prefer to eat slowly, enjoying the surrounding company. Any meeting makes no sense without being around a table full of tasty food. In her society, people participate in various activities between 6 and 8 PM. Considering they don`t start dinner until 8:30-9 PM, it`s usual to be still sitting at the table until 10-11 PM. Be certain your beloved can prepare the best meals and teach you her local dining etiquette.

Everything is left to last minute

Looking for Portuguese women interested in dating, consider that they may leave important things to the last minute. It can be a work project or bags packing for a summer trip with a family. It`s because of their habit of living intensely. But there are brides aware that being late means unproductivity, thus they prefer to prepare everything in advance.

Interaction style

These ladies are outspoken in communication with men and friends. If such a girl doesn`t like you, she tells about it honestly but politely. In public places, the interaction becomes more formal. Women from Portugal speak quickly and a bit loudly. Portuguese brides aren`t shying away from emotional expression, but they rarely show anger or negative feelings on the streets. Having such a spouse means that you always know how she feels and what she thinks.

Many Portuguese girls are actively searching for a reliable and highly motivated guy from abroad. Using the information from this article, you can get acquainted with any lady from this country online. Just join a popular dating website and start writing to the most alluring women on the planet!

Entertaining facts about Portuguese mail order brides

Is dating Portuguese girls challenging? What men should know about local women to be in successful relationships?

  • They`re romantic. If you`ve ever been to the country you know how romantic the place is with all its colorful streets, breath-taking sunsets, ocean noise, and delicious wine. Girls are used to men taking them on romantic dinners, picnics, or even trips to villages like Sintra. They expect their love life to be full of such passionate and tender adventures.
  • They`re hot-blooded. Hot Portuguese girls publicly show their affection everywhere — in parks, streets, beaches, shopping malls. No matter who is around. They love everything dramatic, emotional, and sensual. They`re also fans of exaggerating. You can hardly meet more seductive and tempting women than Portuguese girls in love.

Tips for dating a Portuguese woman for marriage

No matter if you`re dating a Portuguese woman online or meet her offline, the recommendations below are a must if you want to succeed.

  • Develop a sense of humor. Want to seduce a Portuguese lady? Make her laugh. The whole nation appreciates good humor more than anything. Your jokes should never be boring or stupid, it`ll turn her off. Don`t tell jokes just for the sake of jokes, it won`t help. Instead, be playful, enjoy yourself, have fun, and she`ll catch up your mood.
  • Give her space. Portuguese women require some time alone. They`re not frantic about their relationships and dating and they won`t overwhelm you with messages or questions like “Where have you been?” They understand every couple needs to have rest from one another. It`s healthy and it helps to appreciate relationships even more. Don`t worry if she wants to meet her friends or relatives without you or just stays home and read a book on her own.